Virtual IT office in India (Outstaffing)

Enjoy the advantages of your virtual IT office in India with your own team dedicated to your technological projects. Among them, you save up to 40-70%¹ compared with hiring employees in Europe and you access to an IT talent source practically inexhaustible.

We provide office space and administrative staff which allow you to comfortably manage your resources and projects without having to worry about legal, fiscal or labour issues.

If you wish, you can use our postal address to publish your office in India for information purposes.

How does it work?
1) You define the staffing of the team: experience, profile and technology.
2) We introduce you the candidates for your approval and eventually they join the virtual office.
3) The team works 100% dedicated to your projects, following your planning, methodology, standards and instructions. You control deliveries and monitor quality.
4) Your virtual IT office in India is an extension of your office in Europe and they both are communicated permanently.
5) You just have to coordinate holidays and leaves with the partner company in India in order to respect the local legislation.
6) The minimum staffing to hire is four people during six months.

How much does it cost?
An initial fee and a monthly fee are paid for each team member, according to his/her profile.

Define your team & request a quotation

No.Engineers Experience Profile Technology No.Months BeginDate ShifTime


Reduce your costs. You will save money with respect to hiring employees in Europe and therefore your products or services will have a much lower cost.

Increase your competitiveness. The virtual office helps you compete in a globalized world. It is possible that your customers, suppliers and partners already enjoy similar advantages.

Stop the war for talent. End the shortage of IT talent and wage escalation in Europe. There is abundance and availability of IT professionals in all technologies in India.

♦ AGILE-ready. The virtual office in India is ideal for projects using agile methods.

♦ Prevent your projects from being parked. With the virtual office you will never again park IT projects waiting to get staff.

Make your staff more flexible. The virtual office in India is flexible when updating staffing and its deadlines.

Size your global service schedules. Depending on your needs, your team could work from 8h from Monday to Friday IST/CET/GMT² to 24/7/365 through the establishment of shifts.

Save space in your headquarters. Optimize the space and costs of your headquarters and make them independent of your project portfolio.

It is useful in contingency situations. It is a valuable resource for the recovery of your business.

Optimize training. If you have to train your team, India offers you much cheaper prices to carry it out.

Guarantee security. Your virtual office activity will be physically and logically protected, thanks to the security measures and certifications adopted by our partners.

Internationalize your company. The virtual office in India gives your products/services access to new international markets as well as new opportunities within the country.

Prepare for offshoring. If your ultimate goal is to have an offshoring office in India, the virtual office is a tool which allows you to gain experience and resources for that purpose.

¹ Savings based on our own simulations in the field of software development in different European cities.

² The time difference between India and central Europe is 3,5 hours (4,5 in winter time).