Data-entry in India

IT India Spain counts on a team of specialists in India for your professional data-entry and data processing. We optimize in time, cost and quality those administrative tasks which, althought not core, are essential for your business, such as:

Accounting reconciliations
Catalogs, prices and costs
Data cleaning and transformation
Data for systems migration
Data mining
Data recovery
Directory services
Document preparation
Document transcription
e-commerce operations, B2B / B2C
Inventory of fixed assets
Legal documents
Manufacturing orders, job orders
Marketing campaigns
New leads generation
Offline data entry
Online data entry
Scanning and indexing
Supplier invoices
Travel expenses
Update of inventories

If you have tasks that you cannot do on your own, whether due to lack of personnel, budget or time constraints; if you have periodic, continuous, intensive tasks, peak working periods or contingency situations; tasks with normal office hours, in shifts or 24x7x365.

Or if you simply have tasks needing cost improvement, this service will be very helpful.

Calculate your average monthly savings:
Labor cost per effective hour in your industry/city
(Spain: 21.89 EUR)
Effective hours of work per month
Number of workers
Average monthly savings, EUR

Our platform is ready to start working for your company in a few days and with great flexibility when it comes to forming the necessary team.

Also, our centers in India have ISO-9001, ISO-27001 certifications and high security measures which facilitate the compliance with regulations such as ISO, GDPR, LOPD, CCPA, ENS or SOX.

Tell us your data-entry and processing needs and we will surely give you a good personalized solution. Leave the data-entry in the hands of specialists and start optimizing costs today.