Software outsourcing in India

IT India Spain has created a platform of IT Indian companies selected by means of an exhaustive homologation process so you can outsource your software development & maintenance projects  confidently and at competitive prices.

Save up to 50-70% in your software projects¹.

We are constantly working to meet all market specialities and give a full solution to companies IT needs.

The platform will start working for your projects within a few days and will compose your staffing with great flexibility, being able to assign full time, part time and in shifts resources.

Our centers in India have ISO-9001, ISO-27001 certifications and high security measures which facilitate the compliance with regulations such as ISO, GDPR, LOPD, ENS or SOX.

We currently count on more than 1,200 IT engineers who will attend to your projects in all these technologies:

Plataforma IT India Barcelona


Programming languages : .NET Core, 4D, ABAP, ABC, ActionScript, Ada, Ajax, Alice, Anaconda, Android SDK, Android Things, Apex, API, ASP.NET, Assembler, Assembly, AssemblyScript, AutoIT, Awk, B4Android, B4PPC, B4X, Babel, Bash, BASIC, Batch, Blender, Blockly, Boo, Bosque, Bourneshell, C, C#, C++, C++/CLI, C++/WinRT, Canvas, CL(OS400), Clipper, Clojure, Cobol, CoffeeScript, CommonLisp, CORBA, Core Java, Crystal, Cshell, CSS Grid, CSS3, cT, CUDA, Curl, CVS, Cypher, D, Dart, Delphi, DHTML, Eclipselink, EJB, Elixir/Phoenix, Elm, EmacsLisp, Entity Framework, Erlang, ES6, Express, F#, Fiori, FlexBox, Forth, Fortran, FoxPro, Gambas, Glassfish, Go, Golang, Google Apps Script, GraphQL, Groovy, Handlebars, Haskell, Haxe, Hibernate, HTML, IBM RPG, Icon, Inform, Intermec-IPL, Io, J, J#, J2EE, J2ME, JADE, Java, JavaEE, Javascript, JCL, JDBC, JEE, Jelly, Js, JSP, Julia, Jupyter Notebook, Kbasic, Kornshell, Kotlin, LabVIEW, Ladder Logic, Lambda, Less, Lisp, LiveCode, Log4J, Logo, LotusNotes, Lua, Makefile, Map, Maple, Markdown, MATLAB, MEAN, Mercury, MicroPython, Monkey, MQL4, MVC, NATURAL, Nim, Object Pascal, Objective-C, Opa, OpenCL, OpenEdgeABL, OpenJPA, Oz, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Pjava, PL/I, PL/SQL, PostScript, Power BI, PowerShell, Prolog, PureData, Python, Q, QBasic, QML, R, Racket, Razor, RDD, Reason, Reduce, Redux, REST, RESTful, Roy, Ruby, Rust, Sass, Scala, Scheme, Scratch, SCSS, Servelet, Shell, Simulink, Sinatra, SOQL/SOSL, Splunk, SQL, Stata, Swagger, Swift, T-SQL, TASM, Tcl, TensorBoard, Transact-SQL, TypeScript, UnderscoreJS, Unity3D, VB.NET, VBA, VBScript, Verilog, VHDL, Visual Basic, WCF, WebAssembly, WebGL, WMI, WPF, WSGI, X++, X10, XC, Zebra-CPCL, Zebra-ZPL, Zshell.

IDE: Android Studio, AWS Cloud9 IDE, By JetBrains, C++Builder, Code::Blocks, Dev-Pascal, Eclipse, Free Pascal IDE, Geany, IntelliJ IDEA, JCreator, JDeveloper, KDevelop, Lazarus, Microsoft Small Basic, MonoDevelop, MyEclipse, NetBeans, Ninja-IDE, Oracle Developer Studio, PhpStorm, PyCharm, PyDev, QDevelop, R Tools for Visual Studio, RStudio, Scala IDE, Spring Tools, Thonny, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, WebSphere Integration Developer, Xcode.

Frameworks: A-Frame, Acquia, AEM, AngularJS, Apache, Apache Cordova, Aurelia, BackboneJS, BeeWare, Bootstrap, CakePHP, Closure, CodeIgniter, CodePen, Corona SDK, D3JS, Django, Doctrine, EF, EmberJS, Entity, ExpressJS, ExtJS, Felix, Firebase, Flask, Foundation, GatsbyJS, Hasura, Hyperapp, IIS, Ionic, JQuery, JQueryMobile, JVM, Kendo, Kivy, Knockout, Laravel, LitElement, Meteor, Micronaut, Mithril, Native Script, NextJS, Nginx, NodeJS, PhoneGap, PolymerJS, Postman, PromiseJS, Qt, React Native, ReactiveJS, ReactJS, Relay, Ruby on Rails, RXJS, Shiny, Silverlight, Sling, Smarty, Spring, Spring Batch, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Spring Data, Spring MVC, Spring REST, Spring Security, Stencil, Struts, Symfony, Tailwind, Titanium, TOMCAT, VanillaJS, Vert-X, Visualforce, VueJS, Weblogic, Webpack, Weex, Xamarin, Yii, Zend.

UI/UX: A360, Adobe CS, Ant Design, Application design, Autodesk, Axure, Canva, Design thinking, Flutter, GreenSock, Mobile first, Mockup, Parallax, Photoshop, Responsive design, Sketch, Software design, StoryBook, Synopsis, UI, UX, Web design, Zecoda.

QA: AutonomIQ, Cucumber, Functionize, JasmineJS, JMeter, Junit, Karma, Katalon, LoadRunner, Mabl, Mocha, NightwatchJS, Parasoft Selenic, Perfecto, Quality assurance, Quality management, Ranorex Webtestit, Rational Robot, Selenium, Silk test, SoapUI, Software test, SonarQube, STLC, Telerik, Test cases, Test Craft, Test suite, TestIM, Testing, TestLink, White-box testing, WinRunner.

Databases: Autonomous Database, Database, Datastax, DBase, DBMS, Derby, Druid, Dynamo DB, ElasticSearch, ELK, FaunaDB, FileMaker, Flume, Grafana, H2, Hazelcast, Hbase, IBM DB2, Impala, Infinite graph, Informix, Iris Data Platform, IRIS for Health, Kafka, Kibana, MariaDB, MarkLogic, MongoDB, MS-Access, MSAzureSQL, MSSQL, MySQL, Neo4j, NoSQL, Oracle, OracleNoSQL, PostgreSQL, RDS, Redis, Riak, SimpleDB, SQLite, SQLyog, SyBase, Teradata.

BigData: Apache Storm, Cassandra, Cloudera, CouchDB, DataCleaner, Flink, Hadoop, HDFS, Hive, HPCC, Kaggle, MapReduce, Open Refine, Pig, Qubole, Rapidminer, Spark, Spark SQL, Spark Streaming, Sqoop, Statwing.

Data: Ab Initio, Adobe, Big Data, Connector, CSV, Data analytics, Data capture, Data connectivity, Data engineering, Data gouvernance, Data Lake, Data management, Data Mapping, Data Mart, Data mining, Data modeling, Data science, Data Validation, Data Warehouse, Data wrangling, Data-entry, DataOps, DTL, ETL, Excel, JSON, OLAP, Open Data, Protobuf, SOAP, XML.

Clouds: Alchemy, Amazon EC2, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Amazon S3, AWS, Azure, BigQuery, Cloud applications, Cloud Computing, Cloud Foundry, Cloudflare, CloudFront, Drive, Dropbox, GCS, Google Cloud, Hortonworks, IBM Cloud, MVPS, OpenNebula, OpenStack, Photon, Snowflake.

DevOps: ActiveDirectory, AIX, Amazon Machine Image, Android, Apache Airflow, Apple OSX, Arduino, AS/400, Asterisk, Avaya, Bazaar, Brother, Container, CVS, Datacenter, dbDOS, Docker, EAI, Git, GitHub, GitLab, Google Chrome OS, gRPC, Hosting, HP, IBM, IBM i, Intermec, iOS, Jenkins, KaiOS, LAMP, LDAP, Linux, Maven, MS-DOS, Mulesoft, Nagios, Payara, PBX, PDA, Perforce, Pyboard, Raspberry, RPC, Seeburger, Site24x7, Subversion, SuChat, Twilio, Ubuntu, UNIX, VAX, Veeam, VirtualBox, Virtualization, VMware, WAMP, WebSphere, Windows, Windows Server, Windows-CE, XAMPP, Zebra.

Integration: Ansible, Applications integration, Basecamp, Bitbucket, BMC Helix ITSM, Celery, CI/CD, Concourse, Continuous delivery, Continuous integration, DataDog, Delibera, Gradle, Halp, Helm, Integration, Jira, Kubernetes, MantisBT, Microsoft Teams, MS Planner, NewRelic, OpenShift, Pipelines, PowerCenter, Prometheus, RabbitMQ, Redmine, Remedy, Servicenow, Slack, smartsheet, SOLACE, Systems integration, Teamwork, Terraform, TFS, TIBCO, Tortoise, UiPath, Yammer.

Methodologies: Agile, AMFE, Asana, BMC, Bonita, BPM, BPMN, BPMS, BPO, Cobit, Collabtive, Dia, erwin, iBPMS, ITIL, Kanban, KPI, Lean, MS-Project, MS-Visio, PERT, PMBOK, PMI, PMP, Prince2, Scrum, ScrumBan, Sprint, UML, Waterfall.

Regulations: ENS, GDPR, HIPAA, ISO-27001, ISO-9000, ISO-9001, LOPD, LSSI, NIST, PCIDSS, SOX.

Consultancy: Analysis, ArcGIS, Automation, Brand Strategy, Budget, Business applications, Business management, Business process, Call Center, Collaborative technologies, Content management, Cost reduction, Cross-platform, Cybersecurity, Dashboards, Digital asset management, Digital business, Digital strategy, Digital Transformation, Digitization, Disaster recovery, Document management, e-Business, e-Health, e-Learning, Enterprise architecture, Enterprise solutions, Esri, Fin-Tech, Functional analysis, Gamification, GIS, Headhunting, Information Systems Plan, Innovation, Intelligent automation, IT consulting, IT HR, IT training, Management software, Mobile, Mobile solutions, Mobility, Mobility solutions, Multichannel, Multitenancy, NDA, Offshore, Offshoring, Omnichannel, Optimization, Outsourcing, PESTEL Analysis, Process management, Project management, Proof of concept, Prototype, QGIS, Reengineering, Risk management, Robotic process automation, Sales force automation, Security, Software factory, Software solutions, Strategic consulting, SWOT Analysis, TCO, Technological services, Technology, Telecommunications, Turnaround management, Virtual office, Web solutions.

Techniques: 3D printing, AGILE development, Algorithms, AMP, APP, Applications development, APPs development, Augmented reality, Barcode, Barcodes, Beacons, BIM, Blog, Bots, CAD/CAM, Case tools, CICD, Computing, DDD, DevOps, Dialogflow, Domains, DRY, Edge computing, Fog computing, Functional programming, Gaming, Geo-spatial, Geolocation, Google Apps, Google Maps, GPL, GPS, GPS tracking, GPU, Hexagonal architecture, Hiperautomation, Hybrid APPs, Immersive media, Inmersive experiences, Intranet, Jabber, KISS, KPO, Landing pages, LIMS, LMS, Low-code development, Microservices, Migration, Mobile applications, MobProgramming, Native APPs, NetApp, Networking, Networks, NS3, OLA, On-Premises, Online booking, Online catalogue, Open Source, OpenACC, PaaS, Pair Programming, Parallel computing, Parse Objects, Platform, Plugins, Programming, Progressive Web App, PWA, QR, Reports, RFID, Robotics, RPA, SaaS, Scalability, SDLC, Serverless, Service mesh, SFA, SLA, Software, Software development, Software engineering, Software maintenance, SOLID, Streaming, Systems upgrade, TDD, Technical support, Teleworking, Transfer, Turnkey Solutions, V-Model, Virtual reality, Voice assistants, Voip, VPN, VR/AR, Web, Web Analytics, Web applications, Web development, Web portals, Web scraping, WebApps, Webservices, Websites, Websocket, Widgets, WYSIWYG, XMPP, XP-Extreme programming.

CMS/ECM: Alfresco, Autonomy, CMS, Concrete5, Confluence, Contenta, Documentum, Docuware, Drupal, ECM, Episerver, eZ Publish, FileNet, Joomla, Liferay, Livelink, MediaWiki, Moodle, Open Text, OpenCms, Opendocman, Plone, SharePoint, SilverStripe, Sitecore, Stellent, Tiki Wiki, Typo3, WordPress, Xoops.

e-commerce: B2B, B2C, Comandia, CubeCart, EDI, GHX, HL7, M2M, Magento, Marketplace, Mobile commerce, online shopping, Online store, Opencart, OSCommerce, Payment methods, Paypal, POS, Prestashop, Shopify, Stripe, Virtuemart, ZenCart.

ERP: Agresso, Baan, BPCS, C/G Eurogest, Captio, Coda, Delfin, Dolibarr, DRP, Dynamics 365, Dynamics AX, Dynamics NAV, ERP, Eurydice, FacturaPlus, FicusPlus, Infor M3, JBA, JD Edwards, Meta4, Movex M3, MRP, MS Dynamics, Navision, NetSuite, Odoo, OpenBravo, OpenEMR, OpenERP, OrangeHRM, PeopleSoft, PIM, Pimcore, Pimware, Point of Sale, Prodstar, Product Information Management, Sage, SAP R/3, SAP S/4HANA, TAAF, Tally, Unit4, Zoho.

CRM: Apptivo, Creatio, Dynamics 365 CRM, Freshsales, HubSpot, Insightly, Pipedrive, Pivotal CRM, Sage CRM, Salesforce, SAP C4C, SAP CRM, Saratoga, Siebel, SugarCRM, Teamleader, Trello, vTiger, Zoho CRM, Zoho CRM Plus.

BI: BI, Business Intelligence, Business Objects, Cognos, Crystal Reports, Data visualization, DataStage, Dataviz, Hyperion, Microsoft BI, MicroStrategy, Minatab, Pentaho, Qlik, Sales statistics, SAP Crystal Server, SAS, Tableau, Tom Sawyer.

Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intelligence, Chainer, Chatbot, CNTK, Cognitive technologies, Computer vision, Data Augmentation, Deep learning, DL, Face detection, Generative adversarial networks, Handwriting recognition, Keras, Kofax, Machine Learning, Matplotlib, ML, MXNet, Natural language processing, Neural Network, Nia, NLP, NumPy, Pandas, Speech recognition, Speech synthesis, Speech to text, TensorFlow, Text to speech, Transfer Learning, Weka.

IoT: IIoT, Internet of things, Libelium, Smart Cities, Smart Enterprises, Smart Grids, Smart Mobility.

Blockchain: Ardor, BigChainDB, Blockchain, Corda, DLT, Ethereum, Hydrachain, Hyperledger, IOTA, Lisk, NEM, Openchain, Ripple, Simba, Symbiont, Tendermint.

Digital Marketing: Adobe Campaign, Advertising campaigns, Buffer, Elgg, Facebook, Google Analytics, Hootsuite, Instagram, Linkedin, Mailchimp, MailRelay, Metricool, MyBB, Openclassifieds, Oxwall, Pinterest, Pligg, SEO/SEM, SocialMedia, Twitter.

Others: Exchange, Libre Office, MS-Office, Office 365, Outlook.

Profiles: Administrator, Analyst-programmer, Application manager, Architect, Backend, Backoffice, Big data analyst, Big data architect, Big data engineer, Business analyst, CDO, CIO, Consultant, CTO, Data analyst, Data scientist, Database architect, Developer, Development manager, DevOps, Digital talent, Director, Engineer, Frontend, Full stack, Functional analyst, Infrastructures exper, Interim manager, IT Manager, IT Support expert, Operations expert, Programmer, Project manager, QA, Quality assurance, Scrum master, STEM, Team leader, Technical architect, Technical lead, Test engineer, Tester, UI/UX designer.

Tell us about your software project, we will thoroughly analyze the requirements and will give you an optimal solution in terms of technology, functionality, timing and cost.

¹Based on own calculations & market prices.