Barcelona IT Hub

Barcelona is one of the IT business World favourite destinations. For some years, many MNC and large companies (techno and non techno) have been setting up their research, testing, commercial or operations offices in the city.

Your hub in Barcelona will enjoy, among others, the following advantages:

• Excellent geographical location
• Big economic area
• Great international reputation
• Outstanding infrastructures and communications
• Public policies to attract FDI
• IT is a strategic industry
• Pool of expert digital talent at affordable cost
• Wide offer of office space solutions
• World-class universities and business schools
• Developed ecosystem for start-ups
• Open & entrepreneur mindset
• Prestigious IT fairs and events
• Ambitious city projects
• Pioneer in cutting-edge technologies
• High quality and living standards
• Cosmopolitan atmosphere, 300+ languages spoken
• World-class #1 tourism destination

And, of course, the support of IT India Barcelona.

Located in the heart of the city, IT India Barcelona is your dedicated consultant which gives you personalized attention throughout every phase of the establishment and development of your IT hub, according to the specific needs of your organization.

We have 30+ years of experience in IT business in Europe plus 15+ years in India. We have very good knowledge of both Indian and European markets where we have built an efficient network of contacts. We team up with specialists like project directors, lawyers, chartered accountants, office suppliers, banks, recruiting and HR experts, IT suppliers and travel agencies we coordinate to achieve your success in Europe.

Current services for IT hubs:

◊ Business expeditions to Barcelona
◊ Project management
◊ Business strategy revision
◊ Viability analysis
◊ Business plan creation
◊ Company registration and legal procedures
◊ Management team selection and coaching
◊ Suppliers selection
◊ Office leasing support
◊ IT technical personnel recruitment
◊ IT sales consultants recruitment
◊ Administrative personnel recruitment
◊ Participation in recruitment events
◊ Organization and methodology
◊ Processes and people integration
◊ Employer branding
◊ Continuous support
◊ Business development support
◊ Marketing and branding
◊ Support to commercial activity
◊ Market studies
◊ Participation in sector fairs
◊ Potential partners search
◊ Support to acquisitions and mergers
◊ Agreements with startups
◊ Audit and due diligence
◊ Transfer pricing
◊ IT HR consultancy
◊ Legal, accountant and fiscal support
◊ Advanced forex services
◊ Administrative management
◊ IT and non IT translations
◊ Business trips consultancy
◊ Cultural and social consultancy
◊ Business protocol consultancy

Contact us to set up and support your IT Hub in Barcelona for Europe.